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Gambling addiction is a very common problem among fans of both land-based and Bitcoin casinos on the Internet. It causes problems in relationships with family and employees at work, negatively affects and endangers not only the financial but also the general well-being of the gambler.

Responsible gaming is based on the notion that online casino games should always be viewed as a way to have a good time. However, many lose control of themselves and their finances through gambling. Before going on a gambling journey, it is important to understand that online games should never be viewed as a source of income or a way to pay off mortgages and debts.

If you or your family seems to be spending an unlimited amount of money on gambling, or if this kind of entertainment begins to interfere with your daily life, we strongly recommend that you take appropriate steps. For example, set a limit on the hours or days spent in online casinos, stop playing for a while, or ask for the professional help from independent organizations.



How to play responsibly not to have problems in the future?

The first thing to do is to make sure that gambling is entertainment for you and nothing else. Do not consider playing in an online casino as a way to get an additional source of income. The second rule is to bet only those amounts that you can afford to lose, that is, to lose forever. Also, never bet or play online casino games while intoxicated or depressed. Take regular breaks from gambling, especially if you have lost a couple of times in a row. If the game no longer brings you fun, it is worth stopping.

At what age is it allowed to play online casinos in Canada?

In Canada, the legal age for gamblers varies from 18 to 21, depending on the state and the entertainment type. In most of the country, all legal online casino games can be played from the age of 19. But in Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta, and the Yukon, 18-year-olds are also allowed to gamble.
In general, the system for registering and opening a game account on licensed casino sites completely excludes underage players from entering, as it requires an identification code and personal data. Banking details are also requested, and all documents are checked. We recommend that parents install special software on their computers blocking access to selected online casino sites.

What should I do if I spend too much time gambling?

You can set time limits using a timer on various casino games. It also helps keep your gambling diary updated regularly, indicating the number of hours spent each day. Make sure you balance the bets with other hobbies and interests and do not neglect your social life to spend time gambling.

Where can I go for help if I know I am in trouble with responsible gambling?

Suppose the proposed measures do not work, or the player refuses to limit himself in the game (which is necessary at all online casinos since restrictions cannot be set at the request of third parties). In that case, one can also ask for professional help. Many organizations in Canada offer free, confidential advice and support to anyone who gambles to dangerous levels.

What is gambling addiction, and how to recognize it?

Most people who play at online casinos enjoy the process without compromising their health or well-being. Problems arise when the game becomes uncontrollable: the person can no longer control the frequency and duration of the game and cannot resist the temptation. As a result, problems arise in social, labour, material and family relations.

Therefore, the player himself must be able to detect and recognize the first signs that indicate the emergence of addiction. Remember that the earlier a problem is found, the easier it is to deal with.

To understand if you have a problem, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you often think about online games?
  2. Do you frequently raise amounts to get a sense of excitement?
  3. Have the last attempts to control or reduce the game time failed?
  4. Do you get irritated and/or anxious when you have to end a game?
  5. Do you often try to win back lost money with new bets? Do you borrow money to play?
  6. Are you honest with yourself and those around you about the time you spend at an online casino?
  7. Did your relationships at work/family get worse?

If you answered “yes” to at least four questions, we strongly recommend that you contact specialists for professional help.

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