The Gates Brothers / The Three Porters

Jerry Daniels

Charlie Fuqua

Deek Watson

About October, 1933 Jerry and Charlie were in Cleveland where they met Deek Watson, who was performing as a single. They decided to form a trio called the "Gates Brothers" and made radio broadcasts over WHK although we could find only two broadcasts under this name for this station in Cleveland newspapers. They performed on 28Oct/33 at 7:15PM and on 4Nov/33 at 5:10PM. We also noticed some listings for "Male Black Trio" which very well could have been this group.






The photo shows Jerry, Deek and Charlie performing over WHK as the Gates Brothers, who were later the Three Porters and, finally, the King, Jack and Jester. Deek was the king, Charlie the Jack and Jerry the Jester.

Presumably sometime in November this group finished their commitments in Cleveland and moved to Cincinnati where they began broadcasting over WLW and WASI. They changed their name to "the Three Porters" according to a note in the Indianapolis Recorder, To date we have found no mention of this group in newspapers. By 30Nov/33, they had again changed their name. This time to the "King, Jack and Jester."


Courtesy of Marv Goldberg

Revised 14Mar/18