Orville Jones

Mifflin Campbell

Leonard Reed

Willard Hamby, pianist (added about May/31)

We believe it was in early 1931 that "Jones and Campbell" added Leonard Reed and became a trio called the "Three Peanut Boys".

Information on when and how "Campbell and Jones" moved from Indianapolis to Cincinnati has never been found. We know that Leonard Reed was still performing on his own late in 1930. For example, he was billed as Master of Ceremonies for shows at the Walker Theatre in Indianapolis from 23-26Nov/30 [Indianapolis Recorder, 22Nov/30].

The only radio broadcast we have found was on 13May/31 over radio station WFBE (Cincinnati) at 6:30 P.M. for one-half hour but there may have been more broadcasts [Cincinnati Enquirer, Radio listings, 10May/31].

A very short note in the Pittsburgh Courier with a byline, " Cincinnati, O., May 21" reports that Willard (Lord) Hamby is now the pianist for the act known as "The Peanut Boys" [23May/31]. The note names Reed, Campbell and Jones and indicates that their act consists of singing and dancing. It also states that, "They are now broadcasting over station WFBE."

The addition of a pianist suggests they may have had some success but it would be helpful to have more information about where and how long this group performed.


The "Three Peanut Boys" - Mifflin Campbell, Leonard Reed and Orville Jones


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