1928? - 1930? 


Orville Jones

Mifflin Campbell

An article, "The Big Time", in the Alaska Ruralite of January, 1987, [p. 4] provides much of the little we know about this group. It is based on then 80-year old Mifflin Campbell's recollections. He recalls that he was working in a candy store in Indianapolis in the early 1920's when he met Orville Jones when he made ice cream deliveries to the store where Campbell worked. They formed a dance team and performed at vaudeville carnivals and small clubs in the area.

We do not know when this duo started but it could have been later than the early 1920's. The only Jones and Campbell appearance we have found is the for the Shriners' Easter Monday show of 9Apr/28 that is included in our Activities page. Although it is listed as the 16th such annual show, there is no mention that Jones and Campbell were in previous shows (a few performers are indicated to be repeats from past shows but there is a general comment that the show featured local performers, "...many of whom were seen in last years offering..."). Because Jones and Campbell were two of the three Peanut Boys that appeared about the spring of 1931, this duo may have continued from at least 1928 until the '30s.

Mifflin Campbell, left, and Orville Jones

An article about the 9Apr/28 Easter show states that, "Orville Jones and Mifflin Campbell, in their superb performance, are foot artists of no mean ability which will be proven in their dance act which is the back bone of the show." [Indianapolis Recorder, 7Apr/28] A later review indicates that, after an opening chorus number, Jones and Campbell were the first featured performers with a, "...very well gotten up dance routine." [Indianapolis recorder, 21Apr/28] The review indicates that they also closed the show:

...leads to the introduction of Jones and Campbell, in a series of fast steps with entire company joining in, then curtain."

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