ORIGINAL INK SPOTS ACTIVITIES BY DATE: Jan/48 – Dec/53 (plus early '60s)

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1-22Jan/48 Strand, NYC Continuing appearance from Dec/47
23-29Jan/48 Apollo, NYC-songs: W/George Hudson & Band, Derby Wilson, Gwen Tynes, Little Joe & Tiny Lou, Pigmeat, Sybil Lewis, John Bunn. [NY Amsterdam News, 24Jan/48]
-If You Have To Hurt Someone
-Java Jive
-I Woke Up With A Teardrop In My Eye
-If I Didn't Care
28Jan/48 March of Dimes Show, Savoy Ballroom, NYC IS appear with Martha Raye, Joe Louis, Buddy Young, Harry Hershfield, Thelma Carpenter, Ace Harris & his quartet, Sarah Vaughan, and many others. [NY Amsterdam News, 17Jan/48]
1-14Feb/48 Latin Quarter, Boston, MA W/Ranny Week’s Orch. [Boston Globe, 11Feb/48]
6Feb/48 9th Annual Amsterdam News Brooklyn Benefit Night, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC IS pictured as flying from Boston to participate [NY Amsterdam News, 31Jan/47] 
16-22Feb/48 Bowery, Detroit, MI W/Frankie Rapp, M.C. plus a great, all-star supporting show. [Detroit Free Press, 16Feb/48]
23-29 Feb/48 Andre’s Supper Club & Lincoln Auditorium, Syracuse, NY W/Margaret Faver Girls and a great, comic M.C. [Syracuse Post-Standard, 22Feb/48]
24Feb/48 Lincoln Auditorium, Syracuse, NY Supper club sold out quickly and demand led to auditorium across street being used and double shows for IS on 24th. [NY Amsterdam News, 14Feb/48 & Syracuse Post-Standard, 22Feb/48]
1-7Mar/48 Jack Sugarman's Club Hi Top, Chester, PA W/Mallory Scott. [Chester Times, 28Feb/48]
12-18 Mar/48 National, Louisville, KY-songs: W/Lucky Millinder & Orch., Bull Moose Jackson, Mitchell & Gibson, Collins & Lee, Ernestine Allen. Movie: Philo Vance Returns. Nice $20,000 but lent is hurting. [Courier Journal, 11Mar/48 & Variety, 17Mar/48]]
-Java Jive
-It's All Over But the Crying
-I Woke Up With A Teardrop In My Eye 
-If I Didn't Care
29Mar-4Apr/48 Florentine Gardens, Hollywood, CA, songs included: W/Eddie Rios & Bros., Johnny Conrad, Florentine Line. [Hollywood Citizen News, 29&31Mar/48]
-If I Didn’t Care
4Apr/48 Radio, Jack Benny Show-song:
-If I Didn’t Care Song turns into Lucky Strike commercial 
4-11Apr/48 Florentine Gardens, Los Angeles, CA Opening attended by Eddie (Rochester) Anderson, Lana Turner, June Haver, Lon McAllister, Ann Blyth, Gene Kelly, Jane Wyman. [Pittsburgh Courier, 10Apr/48]
5Apr/48 Radio, NBC, Carnation Contented Hour W/Buddy Clark
12Apr-1May/48 Palomar, Vancouver, Canada W/acrobats Diane & Gray, Fred Gordon, M.C., plus other smash acts. [Vancouver Sun, 12Apr/48]
7-20 May/48 Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, NV [NY Amsterdam News, 15May/48]
9May/48 Soda Shop, near Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, NV IS do impromptu show for several hundred teenagers after Bill Kenny hears they were not admitted to hotel because of dress code. [Pittsburgh Courier, 15May/48]
21-22May/48 Rainbow Randevu, Salt Lake City, UT [Salt Lake Tribune, 21May/48]
27May-2Jun/48 Riverside, Milwaukee, WI [Downbeat, 19May/48]
13Jun/48 5th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, MD. Charity drive sponsored by Father John A. McShane to support a $50,000 school to be built in Houma, LA. IS star w/the Deep River Boys, Bill (Bojangles) Robinson and many other stars."The Ink Spots answered encore after encore and spent more than an hour and a half on the platform." [Afro-American, 20Jun/48]
14-19 Jun/48 Ciro’s, Phil., PA [Phil. Evening Bulletin, 14Jun/48]
Late Jun-early Jul/48 Pennsylvania Phonograph Machine Operators Association Dinner, Quakertown, PA IS receive award for consistently out-selling other recording artists in PA for past 10 years. [NY Amsterdam News, 10Jul/48]
2-15Jul/48 Orsatti’s, Sommers Point, NJ, Matinee for Bathers Sun. 3 to 6. W/Mike Pedicin & His 4 Men of Rhythm.[Atlantic City Press, 3Jul/48; Downbeat, 30Jun/48]
8Jul/48 KDKA radio, NBC, 8-8:30 National Minstels, summer replacement for Dennis Day Show. Continued weekly through July but Swing time at the Savoy replaced for August ending 1Sep/48. W/Bill Robinson, Louis Jordan, Sarah Vaughn, Louis Armstrong & Lucky Millinder's Orch. [Pittsburgh Press, 7, 14, 21&28Jul/48]
16-28Jul/48 Surf Club, Wildwood, NJ Return appearance after summer 1947 [The Leader, Wildwood_By-The-Sea, 15July/48; Pittsburgh Courier, 19Jun/48]
4Aug/48 Radio, Swing Time at the Savoy, This show went on until 1Sep/48 but it is not clear that the IS were regulars. Song for this shows: Library of Congress collection #: RWB 6884 A3-4, with Bill Robinson, Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, Jack "Moms" Mabley, Miller & Lee and many others, 30 min., 2 volumes. IS at end of Part 2. [Pittsburgh Press, 4, 11, 18, 25Aug/48&1Sep/48]
-If I didn’t Care
-Just For Now
5-18Aug/48 Vogue Room, Hollenden Hotel, Cleveland, OH. During their first visit to the Hollenden, tables will have one of the IS hit tunes and a table number. IS will draw table numbers to make up night's show tunes. W/Sammy Watkins & His Orch. [Downbeat, 28Jul/48; Cleveland Press, 16Jul/48]
29Aug/48 Legion Park, (between Reading and Lancaster), Ephrata PA, Sunday at 7 P.M., Doubleheader. W/Ray Anthony & His Famous Orch. [Lancaster Sunday News, 29Aug/48; Daily Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, 28Aug/48]
14Sep/48 Recording date-songs:
-Say Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart Per Whitburn this song reached 9th place on the pop music charts and was listed for 11 weeks. 
-You Were Only Fooling Per Whitburn this song reached 8th place on the pop music charts and was listed for 8 weeks. In addition, this song reached 15th place in the Rhythm and Blues charts and was listed there for 1 week. 
Sep/48 Lido Club, Long Beach, NY [Pittsburgh Courier, 11Sep/48]
17-26Sep/48 Rag Doll, Chicago, IL [NY Amsterdam News, 25Sep/48]
-Do I Worry
-If I Didn’t Care
-My Prayer
-The Gypsy
-Her Tears Flowed Like Wine** No known version of this song by IS
17-26 Sep/48 WBBM, Chicago, remote radio from Rag Doll?
27Sep-2Oct/48 Bill Green’s, Pittsburgh, PA W/Charlie Fisk, His Trumpet & Orch. [Pittsburgh Press, 27&28Sep/48]
3Oct/48 Capitol, Steubenville, OH W/Boyd Raeburn & His Orch., featuring Ginny Powell, 36 outstanding entertainers. Movie: Madonna of the Desert. [Steubenville Herald Star, 1Oct/48]
7-13 Oct/48 Paramount, Toledo, OH-songs: IS solo here. Movie: I Jane Doe. [Toledo Blade, 7 & *Oct/48]
-If I didn’t Care
-I’ll Climb the Highest Mountain
-Just for Now
19Oct/48 Recording date-songs:
-Am I Asking Too Much?
-Recess In Heaven
Oct/48 Andre’s Supper Club, Syracuse, NY [Pittsburgh Courier, 30Oct/48]
28Oct-3Nov/48 Club Bali, Washington, DC [Washington Afro-American, 23Oct/48]
5-18Nov/48 Chicago, Chicago, IL-songs included: W/Peter Lorre, Wally Brown, Bobby Whaling & Yvette, Jack Fulton & Chicago Theater Orch. Movie: Road House. [Tribune, 4Nov/48] Ink Spots donate all profits on records sold in Chicago during visit to Community Fund. [Afro-American, 13Nov/48] Ink Spots, Lorre boost 'Road House" to big $55,000 [Variety, 10Nov/48]
-If I Didn't Care
19/Nov/48 Michigan, Lansing, MI, 4 stage show at 2:15, 4:30, 7:00 and 9:20, adults 55 cents matinee and 79 cents night. W/Boyd Raeburn & Orch. Movie: Fabulous Joe. [Lansing State Journal, 14Nov/48]
23-24 Nov/48 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA-private shows W/Boyd Rayburn's Band. [Pittsburgh Courier, 27Nov/48: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 24 Nov/48]
25Nov/48 The Library, Warren, PA [Pittsburgh Courier, 27Nov/48]
26-27Nov/48 Brant Inn, Burlington, Ontario, Canada [Hamilton Spectator, 24Nov/48]
28Nov/48 Community Church, 460 Shaw, St., Toronto, Canada [Toronto Star, 27Nov/48]
1Dec/48 Colonial, Allentown, PA W/Boyd Raeburn & His Orch. [Morning Call, 1Dec/48]
2Dec/48 State, Harrisburg, PA W/Boyd Raeburn & His Orch. featuring Ginny Powell. Movie: Disaster.[The Patriot, Harrisburg, 1Dec/48]
3-5Dec/48 State, Hartford, CN. Inkspots visit Record Bazaar in Hartford 4Dec/48 from 3:30-4PM. Store will donate all proceeds from sale of "Say Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart" to Hartford Tuberculosis and Public Health Society's seal sale. W/Boyd Raeburn Orch., Danny Drayson, Dewey Sisters, Gwenn Bell Movie The Last Roundup. [Hartford Times, 3&4Dec/48; Variety, 1Dec/48] During appearance, Ink Spots arranged to have profits from sale of their records turned over to Christmas Seal Drive. [Chicago Defender, 11Dec/48]
9-11 Dec/48 Rajah, Reading, PA, stage show at 2:30, 7:15 and 9:30 W/Boyd Raeburn & His Orch. featuring Ginny Powell. Movies: The Argyle Secrets, Northwest Outpost [The Reading Eagle, 9Dec/48]
21Dec/48-3Jan/49 Monte Carlo, Miami, FL-songs: W/Pete Randall, Anita Jacoby, Johnny Rice, Tony Lopez & His Orch. featuring the Pete Drew Trio. "Playing to a packed house, the IS received a whistling, shouting, cheering, hand-clapping ovation greater, beyond doubt, than any act has ever received in a Greater Miami night club." [Miami Daily News, 23Dec/48; Miami Herald, 23Dec/48]
-Just for Now
-If I Didn’t Care
-Your Feet’s Too Big
-White Christmas
26Dec/48 Cancer Fund Star Frolic, Roney Plaza Gardens, Roney Hotel, Miami, FL IS join Milton Berle M.C., Morton Downey, Frances Langford, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Gene Baylos, Charlie Farrell, Maria Neglia, The Vagabonds, Julie Oshins, Xavier Cugat, Sid Gould plus a fashion show. [Miami Herald, 26Dec/48]
19Jan/49 Recording date-songs:
-No Orchids for My Lady
-As You Desire Me
20Jan-2Feb/49 Capitol, NYC-SONGS: W/Blue Barron & Orch., Alan Carney, Meribeth Old. Movie: The Man from Colorado. [NY Times, 20Jan/49]
-Oh! Looka There Ain't She Pretty
-Whispering Grass
-Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart
-If I Didn't Care
-You Were Only Fooling Fake fight erupts between Ink Spots and Blue Baron's Band who each claim it as a hit song. Spots ubtir tge tune whereupon Barron's men make a commotion. Barron, for the audience, explains to Kenny that their record also was a best-seller. That paves way for a two-way interpretation in which George Nolan and the Blue Notes and then Kenny each do a chorus, backed by the band. [Variety, 26Jan/49]
4Feb/49 11th Annual Brooklyn Benefit Show, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NYC IS join Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Robinson, Ed Sullivan, Symphony Sid, Fred Robbins, Manhattan Paul, Jimmy Simmons Orch., Trash Gordon, The Ravens, Pigmeat Markham, Lionel Hampton, Dinah Washington, Jackie Robinson and many others. [NY Amsterdam News, 29Jan/49]
7Feb/49 Recording date-songs:
-It Only Happens Once
-A Kiss and A Rose
9Feb/49 Stanley, Chester, PA, stage shows at 2:30 - 7:20 - 9:20. W/Sam Donahue his saxaphone and orchestra featuring Bill Raymond, The Blue Hues, Harold Hahn. Movie: Bodyguard. [Chester Times, Tuesday, 8Feb/49]
10-16 Feb/49 Shea's Buffalo, Buffalo, NY-songs: W/Artie Dann, Ada Lynn, The Stagg McMann Trio, Madge & Karr, Shea's Buffalo Stage Band. Movie: Unfaithfully Yours. [Buffalo Evening News, 10&11Feb/49] "Prior to their engagement, business in Buffalo had been way off…the Ink Spots are boosting 'Unfaithfully Yours' to biggest figure in weeks." [Chicago Defender, 26Feb/49]
-Ooh! Looka There, Ain't She Pretty** No known version of this song by IS
-No Orchids For My Lady
-You Were Only Fooling
-Say Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart
-If I Didn't Care
15Feb/49 Chez Maurice Danceland, Montreal, Quebec, Canada [Pittsburgh Courier, 12Feb/49]
18-24Feb/49 Apollo, NYC W/Charlie Ventura & His Band, Peggy Thomas, McHarris & Dolores and other headlines. [NY Amsterdam News, 19Feb/49]
22Feb/49 TV-WNBT, Texaco Star Theatre, Walter O'Keefe, guest M.C. Ink Spots direct from Apollo Theater-songs: Library of Congress #: RWB 9226 A1-4, 60 min., 8-9PM, audio portion.
-If I didn't Care
25Feb-3Mar/49 Music Bowl, Chicago, IL [Downbeat, 11Mar/49]]
Late Feb or early Mar/49 Radio, National Theatre and Academy’s "Theatre U.S.A." program, ABC network, Thurday [Afro-American, 5Mar/49]
5Mar/49 Roosevelt Theatre, Pittsburgh, 4 shows. W/Boyd Rayburn & Orch.
7-9Mar/49 Palace, Youngstown, OH-songs: W/Boyd Raeburn & Orch. featuring Ginny Powell, Frank Marlowe, Pann Merryman. Movie: Boston Blackie’s Chinese Venture. [Youngstown Daily Vindicator, 7 & 8Mar/49]
-Oh! Lookit There! Ain’t She Pretty** No known version of this song by IS
-You Were Only Fooling
-Say Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart
-Maybe "Kenny's jitterbugging with his brother, Herb, during the rendition of Maybe brought just the right touch of humor to the musical act.'' [Youngstown Vindicator, 8Mar/49]
-If I Didn’t Care
10Mar/49 Palace, South Bend, IN W/Boyd Raeburn & Orch., plus big time vaud acts. Movie: The Feathered Serpent. [South Bend Tribune, 9Mar/49]
11-17 Mar/49 Lake Club, Springfield, IL W/Tony Di Pardo & Orch., Diane Marsh. [Illinois State Journal, 11 & 17Mar/49]
19Mar/49 Kiel Aud., St. Louis, MO The Chandos Inc. presents the Ink Spots W/Buddy Johnson & Orch.[St. Louis Argus, 18Mar/49]
20Mar/49 Mun. Aud., Kansas City, KA [Afro-American, 12Mar/49]
22Mar/49 Radio, Ray Perkins Show, guests, KFEL, Denver, 3:215P.M. [Rocky Mountain News, 22Mar/49]
City Auditorium Annex, Denver, CO [Denver Post, 20Mar/49]
24Mar-6Apr/49 Thunderbird, Las Vegas, NV [Downbeat, 25Mar/49]
31Mar/49 Santa Rosa Hotel, Junior College Student Government Conference, Ink Spots perform with Abbott & Costello, Al Jolson in evening. [Long Beach Independent, 29Mar/49]
7-9Apr/49 Rainbow Randevu, Salt Lake City, UT W/ Doug Boll & His Orch. [Salt Lake Tribune, 6Apr/49; Afro-American, 9Apr/49]
18Apr-8May/49 Palomar Supper Club, Vancouver, Canada W/Howard Hardin, Alice Hulett. [Vancouver Sun, 18Apr/49]
11-23 May/49 Barbery Coast, San Francisco, CA [Afro-American, 7May/49 and Oakland Tribune, 7May/49]
27May/49 Rice Ballroom, Hobbs, NM, reserved tables will be set aside for whites, admission $3.60 per person. [Hobbs Daily News Sun, 26May/49]
28May/49 Mun. Auditorium, Amarillo, TX, 8:00P.M.. 1st Parquet & Boxes-$2.50, 2nd Parquet-$1.75, Balcony-$1.30, 1/2 of Balcony for Colored. W/their Orchestra. [The Amarillo Daily News, 27&28Apr/49]
The Nat, Amarillo, TX, Dance, 9:30 til ?, advance tickets-$1.75. W/their Orchestra. [The Amarillo Daily News, 27&28Apr/49]
29May/49 Casino On Lake Worth, Fort Worth, TX W/Red Calhoun & His 11-piece orch. [Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 27May/49]
30May/49 Plantation Club, Houston, TX [Pittsburgh Courier, 28May/49]
31May/49 Sky View Club, Duncan, OK, admission 2.44, 9:30 P.M. to 1:30 A.M. W/Ernie Fields and his 18-piece orchestra. [Duncan Daily Banner, 29May/49]
1Jun/49 City Auditorium, Houston, TX, Dance & Show. After party, Bronze Peacock following the dance. [Houston Informer, 28May/49]
2Jun/49 Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, TX, concert & dance, presented by Henderson Glass, "Four Gentlemen of Harmony", Thursday at 9:00. [San Antonio Register, 27May/49]
3Jun/49 City Auditorium, Galveston, TX [Pittsburgh Courier, 28May/49]
9-22Jun/49 Carnival, Minn., MN W/Son & Sonny, Perry Martin & Orch. 
24Jun-6Jul/49 Bill Green’s, Pittsburgh, PA W/Phill Cavezza's Orch. [Pittsburgh Press, 24Jun&1Jul/49]
27Jun/49 Recording date-songs:
-Who Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You the Angel You Are) Per Whitburn this song reached 21th place on the pop music charts and was listed for 1 week. 
-You’re Breaking My Heart (‘Cause You’re Leaving) Per Whitburn this song reached 9th place on the pop music charts and was listed for 14 weeks. 
-Echoes Only Bill Kenny, not IS
Per Whitburn this song reached 24th place on the pop music charts and was listed for 1 week. 
-Land of Love Only Bill Kenny, not IS 
7Jul/49 Willson Junior High School Playground, Milk Fund Campaign, Cleveland, OH IS entertained and played ball with children in support of milk fund campaign after a long drive from Pittsburgh. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 8Jul/49]
7-13Jul/49 Loew’s State, Cleveland, OH W/Jack E. Leonard, Ada Lynne, Stagg McMann Trio, Mage & Karr. Movie: Manhandled. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7Jun/49] "Neat $25,000" [Variety, 13Jul/49
7Jul/49 Loew’s State, backstage, Cleveland, OH IS put on special show and buffet for hundreds of fan club members who bused in to see the show. [Afro-American, 16Jul/49]
14-20Jul/49 Loew’s State, Rochester, NY-songs: W/Jack E. Leonard, Ada Lynne, Stagg McMann Trio, Mage & Karr. Movie: Force of Evil. [Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 14&15Jul/49]
-Oh, Lookit There! Ain't She Pretty** No known version of this song by Ink Spots
-No Orchids For My Lady
-If I Didn't Care
21-27Jul/49 Loew’s State, Syracuse, NY W/Jack E. Leonard, Ada Lynne, Mage & Karr, Stagg McMann Trio. Movie: Massacre River. [Syracuse Post Standard, 20Jul/49]
28Jul-3Aug/49 Loew’s State, Providence, RI W/Jack E. Leonard, Ada Lynne, Stagg McMann Trio, Mage & Karr. Movie: Caught. Terrific $30,000. [Variety, 27Jul&3Aug/49; The Providence Journal, 28&29Jul/49]
4Aug/49 IS depart for England. Apparently, 3 members sailed on the Queen Elizabeth but Bill Kenny remained to finalize arrangements for the tour and took a later flight. [Carolina Times, 20Aug/49; Pittsburgh Courier, 10Sep/49]
?-21Aug/49 Empire Gardens, Morecambe, England [Pittsburgh Courier, 27Aug/49]
22-27Aug/49 Empire, Liverpool, England W/Musical Derricks & Tony, Scott Sanders, Harry Bailey, C Warren & Jean, Dorothy Gray & Co., J Billings & Diana, Bemand's Pigeons [Variety, 24Aug/49]
28Aug/49 Winter Gardens, Morgate, England, Sunday, 2 performances at 3:00 and 8:00 P.M. W/the Winter Gardens Orch., Musical Director Leslie Wheeler. Supported by Bruce Dargavel (bass-baritone) and Alfred Merlin (piano). [Performance program]
29Aug-24Sep/49 Palladium, London, England-songs: W/Florence Desmond, Minevitch’s Harmonica Rascals, Joy Nichols, "Think-a Drink" Hoffman, Gaston Palmer, Michael Bentine, 3 Rudells, Len Young, 2 Cromwells, Woolf Phillips' Orch. [Variety, 7Sep/49; Times, London, 29Aug/49] 
-Java Jive
-No Orchids For My Lady
-I'll Climb the Highest Mountain
-Whispering Grass
-Bless You
Reviews of the IS in England tended to be negative although the public couldn’t get enough of them. Comments include, "The cloying, sentimentalized tunes with their over-dramatised treatment; and the slow, seldom varying drag tempo, which always seems so exactly right for the number, whatever it is. Finally, there are those drawn-out, falsetto climaxes which – unorthodox and slightly grotesque to the musical purist – nevertheless tug so compellingly at the heart strings of sentimental, unsophisticated Joe Public. …yet handed to you with an uncanny ingenuity that almost succeeds in blinding you to the frightening paucity of ideas that are really worth something in the way of music, style, rhythm, or what-have-you. … Although you are soon convinced, as you watch the boys work, that you are being bamboozled a little, in ever such a delightfully way, you nevertheless finish up feeling that their act somehow carries more conviction than any other you have seen in your life." This reviewer then talks about the special excursion trains from far-off spots in England for people to see the Ink Spots and the fact that, "My suit was nearly torn off my back last Monday by vast crowds simply fighting their way into the Palladium to see the second house." [Melody Maker, 3Sep/49]
4Sep/49 Granada, Tooting, Sunday [Melody Maker, 3Sep/49]
11Sep/49 Granada, Walthamstow, Sunday [Melody Maker, 3Sep/49]
18Sep/49 Granada, Sutton, Sunday [Melody Maker, 3Sep/49]
26Sep-2Oct/49 Palace, Manchester, England  W/juggler Bob Foy, acrobats the Newman Twins, McKenzie Reid & Dorothy, J Adrienne & E Leslie, George Meaton, Boy Foy, Grafton Sis & Jacques. [Manchester Guardian, 24Sep/49 & Variety, 28Sep/49]
3-8Oct/49 Empire, Glasgow, songs included: W/The Empire Orch., accordianists MacKenzie Reid & Dorothy, George Meaton, The Three Georgys, The Newman Twins acrobats, Bobbie Kimber, aerialists Stella Marie & Paul [Empire Theatre Programme, 3Oct/49]
-Whispering Grass  
-Bless You  
10-15 Oct/49 Empire, Glasgow - 2nd week with entirely new supporting company W/The Empire Orch., The Three Adairs dancers, Wheeler & Wilson, The Rosinas, George Doonan, acrobats The Botonds, Pat Hatton & Peggy, Alan Kay & Gloria [Empire Theatre Programme, 10Oct/49]
23Oct/49 Theatre Royal, Bolton, England, Sunday, 5:50 and 8:00PM W/Teddy Foster & His Orch. [Melody Maker, 22Oct/49]
24-29 Oct/49 Empire, Edinburgh, Scotland W/Harry Worth, Gearge Meaton, Senor Carlos, Al Burnett, Olga Varona Co., Veronica Martell, P & S Davis, Val Lotto & Constance. [Variety, 26Oct/49]
30Oct?/49 Empress Hall, London, England W/Cyrill Stapelton’s Band. Patrons complained that IS only did 30 min. with 8 numbers. [Pittsburgh Courier, 5Nov/49]
31Oct-5Nov/49 Hippodrome, Manchester, England W/Newman Twins, Harry Bailey, El Granada, Davis & Lee, D & D Lupino, 2 Morris, 3 Shades. [Manchester Guardian, 31Oct & 1Nov/49, Variety, 2Nov/49]
7-13Nov/49 Hippodrome, Brighton, England W/Skating Typhoons, Al Burnett, Frances Duncan, Arthur Worsley, Victor Seaforth, Falcons, 3 Shades, Myrons. [Variety, 9Nov/49]
14-20 Nov/49 Hippodrome, Birmingham, England W/3 Oxfords, Adrienne & Leslie, Anita, Newman Twins, Musical Derricks, Walter Niblo, Arizonas. [Variety, 16Nov/49]
21-27 Nov/49 Hippodrome, Birmingham, England W/3 Astairs, Al Burnett, Melville & Rekar, 2 Berty Borrest, Harry Worth, Tommy Burke & Co., Payne & Hilliard. [Variety, 23Nov/49]
28Nov/28 IS return to USA [Cleveland Call & Post, 3Dec/49]
17 or 18Dec/49 Milton BerleTexaco Star Theatre TV Show, 2 songs including: Without host Milton Berle (on holiday) but with Hank Ladd, MC, Bert Lahr, the Acromaniacs, Gil Maison, Mary Hatcher, Stan Cavanaugh, Connie Sawyer. [Variety, 21Dec/49]
-If I Didn't Care
23-29 Dec/49 Stanley, Pittsburgh

W/Low-Hite & Stanley, The Martells & Mignone, Grace Drysdale, Max Adkins & Orch. Movie: A Dangerous Profession. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 24Dec/49 & Pittsburgh Press, 24Dec/49]]

-Java Jive  
-No Orchids For My Lady  
-White Christmas  
-If I Didn't Care  
30-31 Dec/49-2-5Jan/50 Earle, Phil., PA, New Year's eve late shows, first show songs: W/Cootie Williams & Orch., Thelma Carpenter, Peg Leg Bates, Moke & Poke. Movie: Deputy Marshall. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 31Dec/49]
-Java Jive
-No Orchids For My Lady
-White Christmas
1Jan/50 Stanley, Camden, Phil., PA W/Cootie Williams & Orch., Thelma Carpenter, Peg Leg Bates, Moke & Poke. Movie: Always Leave Them Laughing. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 1Jan/50]
9-14 Jan/50 Loew’s Uptown, Toronto, Canada-songs: First vaud. show in over a decade. W/Artie Dann, Ada Lynne, Stagg McMann Trio, Church & Hale, Bert Niosi Orch. Movie: Challenge to Lassie. [Globe & Mail, 9Jan/50] Giant $26,000. [Variety, 18Jan/50]
-I’d Climb the Highest Mountain
-No Orchids For My Lady
-Java Jive
-If I Didn’t Care
12Jan/50 IS at Eaton’s to autograph their records, 11:30AM to 12:15PM
16Jan/50 Recording date-songs:
-You Left Me Everything But You
-With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming
-Lost In A Dream
-My Reward
18Jan-7Feb/50 Capitol, NYC, Ink Spots shattered opening day attendance records per Pittsburgh Courier article [28Jan/50]-songs: W/Sam Levenson, Betty Reilly, Bobby Sherwood & Orch., The Juvelys. Movie: Ambush. [NY Times, 20Jan/50] Initial 8 days close to big $75,000. [Variety, 25Jan/49]
-Your feet’s Too Big
-No Orchids For My Lady
-If I didn’t Care
Late Jan or early Feb/50 IS receive Cinema Lodge of B’nai B’rith plaque for their interracial and interfaith activities, Hotel Astor, NYC [Afro-American, 4Feb/50]
3Feb/50 12th Annual Brooklyn Benefit, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NYC IS appear with Lena Horne, Nipsy Russell, Jimmy Simmons Orch., Manhatten Paul and the Club Savannah Revue, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Don Newcombe and Yankee baseball announcer Mel Allen
9Feb/50 Stanley, Chester, PA W/Boyd Raeburn & Orch., Ginny Powell, Artie Dann. Movie: The Blonde Bandit. [Delaware County DailyTimes, Chester, PA., 8Feb/50]
11Feb/50 Warner, Atlantic City, NJ W/Boyd Raeburn Orch., Ginnie Powell, Artie Dann. Movie: Unmasked. [Variety, 8Feb/50; Atlantic City Press, 11Feb/50]
12Feb/50 Radio, Jack Benny Show, WABC, Sunday, 7:00PM-song: IS so popular with live studio audience that they had to come back after show and sing several more songs. [Louisiana Weekly, 18Feb/50]
-If I Didn’t Care
15-21 Feb/50 Buffalo, Buffalo, NY W/Berk & Hallow, Leonard Sues, Appletons, Artie Dann. Movie: Dancing in the Dark. Big $25,000. [Variety, 22Feb/50; Buffalo News, Feb/50]
24Feb-2Mar/50 Apollo, NYC-songs: W/Bullmoose Jackson & His Band, 3 Chocolateers, Lipham Trio, Ralph Brown, Walter Green, Sammy Hines & Eddie. [Variety, 1Mar/50]
-No Orchids For My Lady
-With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
4-5Mar/50 State, Hartford, CN W/Mel Torme, Boyd Raeburn Orch. Featuring Ginnie Powell, Bobby Jule, Neal Stanley [The Hartford Times, 3Mar/50; Variety, 1Mar/50] IS break house attendance record. [Pittsburgh Courier, 18Mar/50]
12Mar/50  TV, Ed Sullivan Show, 2 songs included: [Variety, 15Mar/50]
-If I Didn't Care Bit of clowning with Sullivan during song
17-30 Mar/50 Chicago, Chicago, IL-songs: W/Lina Romay, Dean Murphy, Martin Bros., Lina Romay, Louis Basil & the Chicago Theater Orch. Movie: Young Man With A Horn. [Tribune, 16Mar/50 7 Variety, 22Mar/50] First week $51,000 and 2nd week so-so $40,000. [Variety, 29Mar/50]
-No Orchids For My Lady
-With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
-If I Didn't Care
7-13Apr/50 Paradise, Chicago, IL W/Gil Lamb, Boyd Raeburn & Orch., Ginnie Powell, Peiro Bros. Movie: Paid In Full. [Tribune, 6Apr/50]
14-16Apr/50 Norshore, Chicago, IL W/Gil Lamb, Boyd Raeburn & Orch., Ginnie Powell, Peiro Bros. Movie: Outside the Wall. [Tribune, 13Apr/50]
Apr/50 Milwaukee, WI [Pittsburgh Courier, 15Apr/50]
21-27 Apr/50 Orpheum, Omaha, NB-songs included: W/Gil Lamb, Boyd Raeburn Orch., Ginny Powell, Peiro Bros. Movie: Undertow. Stout $24,000. [Variety, 19&26Apr/50]
-If I Didn't Care
Apr or May/50 Idaho? [Pittsburgh Courier, 15Apr/50]
28Apr-4May/50 Radio City, Minneapolis, MN-songs: W/Gil Lamb, Boyd Raeburn & Orch., Ginnie Powell, Peiro Bros. Movie: The Yellow Cab Man. [Minneapolis Morning Tribune, 1May/50] Huge $31,000. [Variety, 3May/50]
-No Orchids For My Lady
-With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming
-If I Didn't Care
8-14May/50 Palomar, Seattle, WA-songs: W/Spec Watkins, Sharon Leigh Baird, The La Form Sisters, Chicken & Wing, Spec Watkins, House Orch. Movie: Perfect Strangers. [Seattle Times, 8 & 9May/50] Sock $10,000. [Variety, 17May/50]
-No Orchids For My Lady
-With My Eyes Wide Open
-I’d Climb the Highest Mountain
-If I Didn’t Care
15-27May/50 Palomar Supper Club, Vancouver, Canada Plus other great acts. [Vancouver Sun, 17May/50]
Jun/50 Philadelphia, PA (or 2Jan/50?-article is confusing) [Afro-American, 24Nov/51, article re: Bill Kenny found not guilty of raping Philly school girl in Jun/50 while performing there.]
15June/50 Recording date-songs:
-I Was Dancing With Someone
-Sometime Per Whitburn this song reached 26th place on the pop music charts and was listed for 2 weeks. 
-All My Life
-Right About Now
-The Way It Used to Be
22Jun-5Jul/50 Thunderbird, Las Vegas, NV [Afro-American, 6May/50]
16-17 Sep/50 State, Hartford, CN W/Tony Pastor & Orch., Connie Haines, Hilton Sisters, famous Siamese Twins, Danny Drayson and Frabell and Corry. [Hartford Courant, 17Sep/50]
20-26Aug/50 The Frolics, Salisbury Beach, MA Bobby Sargent, M.C. plus an all star show. [Boston Globe, 21Aug/50]
27Sep/50 Recording date-songs:
-Stranger in the City Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Our Lady of Fatima Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Time Out for Tears
-Dream Awhile  
30Oct-7Nov/50 Elmwood, Windsor, ON, Canada, includes song: [Detroit Free Press, 31Oct/50]
-Stranger In the City Unlike Kenny recording, this was IS
Town Casino, Buffalo, NY. 3 Shows nightly at 7:30, 10:30 & 1:30AM

W/The Kurt Johs Dancers, Evelyn Marr, The 3 Nut Bros., Ross Harvey & his Dancing Lovebirds, Lenny Paige M.C., Richard Bono's Band. [Town Casino Showbill, courtesy of Austin Casey]
23Oct/50 Recording date-songs:
-What Can You Do?
-Castles In the Sand
-If Only Bill Kenny but labeled IS. Per Whitburn this song reached 23th place on the pop music charts and was listed for 5 weeks. 
-A Friend of Johnny’s
9-15Nov/50 Albee, Cincinnati, OH, 55 cents opening to 12 Noon, Doors open 10:45 A.M. W/Gil Lamb, Winter Sisters, Leonardo & Anita. Movie: He's A Cockeyed Wonder. [Cincinnati Times Star, 8Nov/50; Variety, 15Nov/50]
16-22 Nov/50 Stanley, Pittsburgh, PA-songs included: W/Alan Carney, Betty Reilly, Lee Marx, Nora Toomey Co., Max Adkins House Orch. Movie: Fuller Brush Girl. Upper bracket $29,000. [Variety, 22Nov/50]
-You Left Me Everything But You
-Everybody Loves My Baby No known version of this song by Ink Spots
8-14Dec/50 Earle, Phil., PA-songs: W/Bon Bon, Holmes & Jean, Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie "Moms" Mabley. Movie: Surrender. Big $24,000. [Variety, 6&13Dec/50; Phil. Evening Bulletin, 8&9Dec/50]
-Time Out For Tears
-You Left Me Everything But You
-Everybody Loves My Baby* No known version of this song by Ink Spots
-If I Didn't Care
20Dec/50 Recording date, songs:
-Little Small Town Girl W/Ella Fitzgerald
-I Still Feel the Same About You W/Ella Fitzgerald
25Dec-10Jan/51 Capitol, NYC, including special midnight New Year’s Eve show-songs: W/Shep Fields & Orch., Marilyn Maxwell, Clifford Guest, Meribeth Old. Movie: Pagan Love Song. [NY Times, 22Dec/50] Looks to finish 1st week with great $77,000 but only 3 extra days in 3rd week. [Variety, 27Dec/50 & 3,10 Jan/51]
-Time Out For Tears
-I'd Climb the Highest Mountain
-If I Didn't Care
17Jan/51 Recording date-song:
-More of the Same Sweet You
-The Vision of Bernadette Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Precious Memories Bill Kenny only – not IS
22Jan/51 Recording date-songs:
-A Fool Grows Wise
-Tell Me You Love Me
26Jan-8Feb/51 Chicago, Chicago, IL-songs: W/Jack E. Leonard, The Martin Bros., Tommy & Margot Conine, Louis Basil & the Chicago Theater Orch. Movie: Tomahawk. [Tribune, 26Jan/51] Sock $50,000 1st week with frigid weather o.k $27,000 2nd week. [Variety, 31Jan&7Feb/51]
-Time Out For Tears
-If I Didn't Care
2Feb/51 13th Annual Brooklyn Benefit Show, Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NYC IS picture and caption highlighting them as among the many stars who will appear. [NY Amsterdam News, 6Jan/51] IS not mentioned in later promotions for benefit and they were in Chicago so, presumably, did not appear.
15Feb/51 Recording date-songs:
-Sorry You Said Goodbye Bill Kenny only and not IS (IS did record this song in Nov/47 but it was rejected and never re-recorded)
-And Then I Prayed
-Somebody bigger Than You and I
-Do Something for Me
22-28 Feb/51 Loew's State, Boston, MA-songs: W/Ada Lynne, Winik & Mae, Jack E. Leonard, Larry Green, his piano & orch. with Bobby Doyle. Movie: Cause For Alarm. Okay $20,000. [Variety, 21&28Feb/51]
-You Left Me Everything But You
-Everybody Loves My Baby No known version of this song by Ink Spots
-Time Out For Tears
-If I Didn't Care
15Mar/51 TV, NBC, Texaco Star Theatre, 8-9PM-songs: Library of Congress #: RWC 5670 B1-4, TV audio only
-Medley, Maybe/To Each His Own/Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall/Do I Worry
-If I Didn't Care Followed by parody of If I didn't Care by Milton Berle and others.
20Mar/51 Recording date-songs:
-His Eye Is On the Sparrow Bill Kenny only – not IS
-The Gentle Carpenter of Bethlehem Bill Kenny only – not IS
29Mar-4Apr/51 State, Providence, RI W/Canton Bros., Claire Hogan, De Mattiazzi, Cy Reeves, Sam Kart & Orch. Movie: Three Husbands. [Variety, 28Mar&4Apr/51]
6-12 Apr/51 State, Syracuse, NY-songs: W/ Canton Duo, Claire Hogan, De Mattiazzis, Cy Reeves. Movie: Underworld Story. [Variety, 4&11Apr/51]
-You Left Me Everything But You
-Everybody Love My Baby* No known version of this song by Ink Spots
-Time Out For Tears
-If I Didn't Care
13-19 Apr/51 Loew's, Rochester, NY-songs included: W/ Canton Bros., Claire Hogan, De Mattiazzi, Cy Reeves. Movie: Inside Straight. [Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 13&14Apr/51; Variety, 11Apr/51]
-If I Didn't Care
20-26 Apr/51 Buffalo, Buffalo, NY-songs: W/ Canton Bros., Claire Hogan, De Mattiazzi, Cy Reeves, Shea's Buffalo Orch. conducted by David Cheskin.. Movie: Nick Cain. Smash $20,000. [Variety, 18&25Apr/51; Buffalo Evening News, 19&21Apr/51]
-You Left Me Everything But You
-Time Out For Tears
-Everybody Loves My Baby** No known version of this song by Ink Spots
-If I Didn't Care
27Apr-3May/51 State, Cleveland, OH-songs: W/ Canton Bros., Claire Hogan, De Mattiazzi, Cy Reeves. Movie: Inside Straight. Big $20,000. [Variety, 25Apr&2May/51; Cleveland Press, 26&28Apr/51]
-You Left Me Everything But You
-Everybody Loves My Baby
-Time Out For Tears
May/51 Radio, Buffalo, NY Herb Kenny overslept and missed this radio gig. Bill Kenny introduced Adriel McDonald , then the group’s valet, as the new bass. Herb and Bill subsequently fought over this and Herb left the group to take a brief feature spot with Buddy Hawkins and the Key Notes. McDonald never talked on an IS recording. The few songs done after this change where a talking bass occurs are all done by Bill Kenny! Apparently, he paid the other IS for the recordings but didn’t let them participate – Bill Kenny is the only Ink Spots voice on all subsequent recordings for Decca. [Goldberg, 1998, p213. & Chicago Defender, 2Jun/51]
9-15&16-22 May/51 El Rancho Vegas, Las Vegas, NV-songs: IS spent week beginning 9May here but did not perform due to a contract dispute. A later suit for one week’s pay was dismissed and finally Ink Spots performed week beginning 16th. Adriel McDonald is mentioned in review as bass. [Variety, 16&23May/51]
-Everybody Loves My Baby* No known version of this song by Ink Spots
-Java Jive
-Sometime Harold Francis solos 
-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
-If I Didn't Care
1Aug/51 Recording date-songs:
-I Don’t Stand A Ghost of A Chance With You
-I’m Lucky I Have You
-At the End of the Day Bill Kenny only – not IS
-I See God Bill Kenny only – not IS
4Sep/51 Recording date-songs:
-These Things Shall Pass Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Keep On the Sunny Side Bill Kenny only – not IS (IS did record this in 3Oct/45 but it was rejected and never re-recorded by them
6-9Sep/51 Coliseum (6,400 seats), Michigan State Fair, Detroit, MI W/the Rockets dancing chorus. Grossed $8,704 for 4 days and were paid $6,000. [Variety, 22Aug&26Sep/51]
6-7Oct/51 State, Hartford, CN., songs include: W/Eskine Hawkins & Orch., Kate Murtah, Rudy Cardenas, Meribeth Old. [Hartford Courant, 7Oct/51 and Naugatuck Daily News, 4Oct/51]
-I Don't Stand A Ghost of A Chance With You
12Oct/51 Recording date-song:
-My First and My Last Love Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Once Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Honest and Truly
28Oct/51 Radio, NBC, Reynolds Metals & Operation Tandem – Big Show-songs (with Meredith Wilson Orch.): Library of Congress #: RWA 4704 A3-B4
-Java Jive
-I'm Lucky I Have You
Late 1951 Radio, Guest Star #250-songs: W/Harry Sosnick & the Defence Bonds Orch.
-I’m Lucky I Have You This is the IS and not just Bill Kenny as on the Decca recording
-Java Jive
3Jan/52 Recording date-songs:
-If I Forget You Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Please Mr. Sun Bill Kenny only – not IS
-I’m Heading Back to Paradise Bill Kenny only – not IS
- Do You Know What It Means to Be Lonely Bill Kenny only. This is one of the songs where Bill even does a talking bass.
-Did You Tell Me A Lie** Rejected and never re-recorded
16-29Jan/52 Paramount, NYC-songs: The Paramount welcomes back the IS with many events to celebrate their return to the stage where they hold a number of box office records. [Afro-American, 19Jan/52] W/Sarah Vaughan, Erskine Hawkins & Orch., Stump & Stumpy, Harold King. Movie: Scandal Sheet. [NY Herald, 16Jan/52] Hotzy $84,000, 1st week and $73,000 2nd week. [Variety, 30Jan/52]
-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
-Everybody Loves My Baby No known version of this song by IS
-Please, Mr. Sun This is the Ink Spots and not just Bill Kenny as on Decca recording
-I'm Lucky I Have You This is the Ink Spots and not just Bill Kenny as on Decca recording
-If I Didn't Care
30Jan/52 Recording date-songs:
  -I Counted On You Bill Kenny only – not IS
  -Don’t Mind the Rain Bill Kenny only – not IS
  -A Bundle From Heaven Bill Kenny only – not IS
  -I Must Say Goodbye Bill Kenny only – not IS
2-3Feb/52 State, Hartford, CN - Songs include: w/Ethel Smith, Organ, Benny Meroff, Kathleen McLaughlin, the Arthurs, Pat Hill, and Larry Delman. [Hartford Courier News, 2Feb/52]
-Please, Mr. Sun  
7-13Feb/52 Seville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada W/Eddie Haywood Trio, Buddy Lewis, Olveras, Jordan & Parvis. Movie: Skyliner [Montreal Gazette, 6Feb/52]
15-22 Feb/52 Casino, Toronto, Canada-songs included: W/Bud & Cece Robinson, Eddie Heywood Trio, Buddy Lewis, Cycling Kirks, Jimmie Cameron, Archie Stone, House Orch. Movie: Mr. Peek-a-boo. [Variety, 20Feb/52]
-Please, Mr. Sun
-If I Didn't Care
22Mar/52 TV-Songs For Sale with Steve Allen, CBS, 10-11PM-song: [NY Amsterdam News, 22Mar/52]
-At A Gypsy Fortune Stand, I Go Looking For My Love Very poor tape audio copy exists
29Mar/52 TV, CBS, Songs for Sale with Steve Allen, 10-11PM?-song:
-You May Be the Sweetheart of Somebody Else Tape copies exist of this Ink Spots song but Bill Kenny recorded the song alone.
7Apr/52 Recording date
-You Are Happiness Bill Kenny only – not IS
-You May Be the Sweetheart of Somebody Else Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Under the Honeysuckle Vine Bill Kenny only – not IS
25Apr-1May/52 Chicago, Chicago, IL-songs: W/Mage & Karr, Billy Romano, Artie Dann, Chicago Theater Orch. Movie: Pride of St. Louis. Moderate $35,000 in sight. [Variety, 30Apr/52]
-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
-Everybody Loves My Baby No known version of this song by Ink Spots. Lone jump rendition in show.
- Please, Mr. Sun
You Must Have Been the Sweetheart of Somebody Else
-If I Didn't Care
1May/52 Kiwanis Kapers, Alton, IL - benefit for boys and girls projects. "The Ink Spots, with their famous "If I Didn't Care" will be the last specialty on the show." [Alton Evening Telegraph, 30Apr/52] Athough the Ink Spots were in Illinois at the time, they performed at the Chicago on this date and the Alton appearance may have been a different Ink Spots group.
31May?/52 Radio, Robert Q Waxworks, CBS, Saturday Robert Q. Lewis hosts interviews with Bill Kenny (with playing of IS songs) and Perry Como. [Afro-American, 7Jun/52]
26Jun/52 TV, Star of the Family show, CBS, 8-8:30PM IS are guests [Afro-American, 28Jun/52]
3-9Aug/52 Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ W/Milt Douglas & Priscilla, Roy Douglas & Vicki, Jacqueline Hurley, the Crosby Sisters and Tony Pastor & Orch. [Altoona Tribune, 26Jul/52 and Courier-Post, Camden, NJ, 31Jul/52]]
10-16 Aug/52 The Frolics, Salisbury Beach, MA [Boston Globe, 8Aug/52] IS are Bill Kenny, Charlie Fuqua, Hal Francis and Teddy Williams (since Francis is pianist, the article seems to have left out the fourth member - Adriel McDonald) but Charlie Fuqua leaves group after this appearance to start his own new IS group. [Afro-American, 23Aug/52]
2Sep/52 Recording date-songs:
-Moonlight Mystery Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Forgetting You Bill Kenny only – not IS
17Aug/52 Everett Barksdale replaces Charlie Fuqua sometime after August 16th. We know he appeared in Toronto beginning September 18th, as listed below, but don't know if this group performed somewhere earlier than this.  
18-24Sep/52 Casino, Toronto, Canada-songs: W/Betty McLaurin, imitator Stan Early, juggler Ray Royce, Brick Bros.?, Winter Sisters acrobatics, Jimmie Cameron, Archie Stone House Orch. Movie: Just This Once. [Toronto Star, 18Sep/52 and Variety, 24Sep/52]
-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
-When You're Smiling Featuring Ernie Brown
-You May Be the Sweetheart of Somebody Else
-If I didn't Care
25Sep-1Oct/52 Seville, Montreal, Canada-songs: W/Bette McLaurin, Stan Early, Winter Sisters, Ray Royce, Len Loward & Orch. Movie: Travelling Saleswoman. [Montreal Gazette, 25Sep/52 & Montreal Star, 26Sep/52]]
  -Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
  -The Sunny Side of the Street
  -You May Be the Sweetheart of Somebody Else
  -When You’re Smiling
  -If I Didn’t Care
after 1Oct and before 12Oct/52 Jimmey Cannady replaces Everett Barksdale sometime after Seville performance in Montreal ends on October 1st and before October 12th when he is a member or the Ink Spots group performing on the Ed Sullivan show.
12Oct/52 TV, Ed Sullivan’s Toast of the Town, 8-9PM, Sunday. Ink Spots are now Bill Kenny, Ernie Brown, Adriel McDonald and Jimmy Cannady. Early half comprised the Ink Spots, who seemed on their way to warming up the show, but background distractions didn't contribute to their cause. [Variety, 15Oct/52]
after Oct12 to early/53 A recording is made of this Ink Spots group at a night club, songs: Chick Webb & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald - The Ink Spots, Twinkgost Rogo, CWS-37. Six tracks are from one show done by this Ink Spots group with Bill Kenny commenting on the tunes they sing.
-Who's To Blame

-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

-Sunny Side of the Street
-You Are Happiness
-When You're Smiling Ernie Brown solos and does a duet with Kenny on this track. A lively song for this group.
-If I Didn't Care
1Nov/52 Hall of Music, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN W/Tony Pastor & Orch. [Journal & Courier, 21Oct/52]
5Nov/52 Municipal Aud., Kansas City, MO., 9PM - 1AM, advance admission $1.50. W/Two Great Swing Bands
10Nov/52 The Twin Coaches, Pittsburgh, two shows nightly at 10:00 & Midnight.  
12Dec/52 15th Annual Amsterdam News Midnight Benefit show, Apollo, NYC IS (advertised but was it only Bill Kenny?) join George Shearing and his Quintet, Billie Holliday, Dorthea Towles, Sonny Gale, and many others. [NY Amsterdam News, 6Dec/52]
25-31 Dec/52 Royal, Baltimore, MD. One week including midnight New Year's Eve performance. W/James Moody Orch., Le Roy Strange, Myers & Walker, 5 Dyerettes, James Moody and his Famous Combo with Babs Gonzales, Tracy McClary and The Royal Men of Rhythm. Movie: Mr. Walkie Talkie. (No names mentioned. Is this the Kenny group?)
Late '52 or early '53?

Ink Spots Pianist is Fletcher Smith


A napkin autographed during an appearance of the Ink Spots said to be at the Arctic Club in Vancouver includes: 

Fletcher Smith pianist Ink Spots 

Bill Kenny lead tenor Ink Spots 

Jimmy Cannady guitarist Ink Spots 

Ernie Brown 2nd tenor Ink Spots 

(Presumably, there was there a fourth Ink Spot, Adriel McDonald, who didn't sign.) 

9Jan53 Ben Maksik’s Country Club, Brooklyn, NYC IS named as Bill Kenny; Adriel McDonald, bass; Ernest Brown, rhythm singer and Jimmie Cannady, guitarist. [Afro-American, 10Jan/53]
6Feb/53 14th Annual Brooklyn Benefit Show, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC Bill Kenny & His IS join Red Buttons, Sunny Gale, Willie Bryant, Rhythm Red, Eartha Kitt, Count Basie, Four Tunes and many others. [NY Amsterdam News, 31Jan/53]
5-11Feb/53 Stanley, Pittsburgh, PA-songs: W/Ella Fitzgerald, Stump & Stumpy, The Earls, Buck Buckner, Maurice Spitalny House Orch. Movie: Stop, You're Killing Me. Good $24,000 but rather disappointing for the lineup. [Variety, 11Feb/53; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4&6Feb/53]
-You Are Happiness IS, not just Kenny
-Sunny Side of the Street Featuring Ernie Brown
-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
-When You're Smiling Featuring Ernie Brown
-If I Didn't Care
13-15 Feb/53 Town Casino, Cleveland, OH

Originally scheduled for one week but Bill Kenny did not perform due to a tooth ache on the opening Friday. He had the tooth pulled on the 14th and performed on 14-15 but the pain was so great that the show was cancelled and they flew back to New York on Monday morning. [Cleveland Call and Post, 21Feb/53] Ink Spots were then Bill Kenny, Ernie Brown, Jimmy Cannady and Adriel McDonald. [Cleveland Call and Post, 14Feb/53]

23Mar/53 NAACP’s "Great Night" show, Madison Square Gardens, NYC Bill Kenny & His IS join Earth Kitt, Lena Horne, Rosalind Russell, Dolores Martin, Danny Thomas, Peg Leg Bates, Erroll Garner Trio, W. C. Handy, The Mariners, and many others. [NY Amsterdam News, 28Mar/53]
27Mar/53 Recording date-songs:
-I Keep Thinking of You Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Who’s To Blame Bill Kenny only – not IS
1&3Jun/53 "Concert Varieties", The Winter Theatre, Hibbing High School, Hibbing MN. Jay Lurye presents Bill Kenny and the Ink Spots w/Art Thomas at the organ, George and Carol Stover, Yonely, Vernon and Bumpy.
13Jun/53 9th Annual Music Festival, Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia, PA W/Eddie Fisher, skaters Dick Button & Tenley Albright. [Festival Program]
22Jun-11Jul/53 Palomar, Vancouver, B.C. W/Stan Stewart M.C., dancer Irene Cromwell. [Vancouver Sun, 20Jun/53]
28Aug/53 Recording date-songs:
-When the Chimes Ring (At Evening) Bill Kenny only – not IS
-I Believe In the Man In the Sky Bill Kenny only – not IS
-Vows Bill Kenny only – not IS
3-6Sep/53 Indiana State Fair, Coliseum, Indianapolis, IN-songs included: W/Patti Page, Guy Lombardo & Orch. [Indianapolis Star, 4Sep/53 & Indianapolis Recorder, 5Sep/53]
-Do I Worry
-If I Didn’t Care
-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
22-28Oct/53 Seville, Montreal, Canada-songs: Ink Spots performed with piano, bass and two electric guitars per review. W/acrobats Nita & Peppi, Billy Kelly, Jack & Mary Nagle, Marshall Rogers. Movie: Ma & Pa Kettle On the Farm. Article mentions bass player handled second chorus of all songs except one taken by one of guitar players. [Montreal Star, 23Oct/53]
-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
-I’d Climb the Highest Mountain
-Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
-If I Didn’t Care
-It Is No Secret

Gatineau Club, Hull, Quebec, Canada (Ottawa area)-songs:

W/ dancers Nancy & Michael Mann, comedian Billy Kelly, Pearl Thurston, Harry Pozy & Orch. Scheduled for one week but cancelled due to illness about 1Nov/53. [Ottawa Citizen, 28Oct/53]. (Notice in Ottawa Citizen of Monday, 2Nov/53 indicates show cancelled due to illness but advertisement in Ottawa Journal of 2Nov/53 is for show(!) and 3Nov/53 Journal is for another show headlined by Billy Kelly.) 
-The Sunny Side of the Street This would be the Ink Spots and not just Bill Kenny as on Decca recording
-When the Chimes Ring at Evening The Ink Spots and not just Bill Kenny as on Decca recording
-I Believe In the Man In the Sky The Ink Spots and not just Bill Kenny as on Decca recording
23Nov/53 Twin Coaches, Pittsburgh, PA W/Sinclair & Alda. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 23Nov/53]
19-29 Mar/54 Chi-Chi Starlite Room, Palm Springs, CA w?Sue Carson, Nancy and Michael Mann. [Desert Sun, 15Mar/54
2-17 Apr/54 Cave Supper Club, Vancouver, BC W/Dick Kimball, MC, Norma Robinson, wizard of the saxophone, Claude Logan's Orch. [Vancouver Sun, Friday, 2Apr/54 and Saturday 17Apr/54]
3Jun/54 Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2-hour concert of popular, semi-classical and religious songs, 8:15 P.M. Admission: reserved $2 and 1.50, rush $1; free dancing for those attending the concert. Songs included: Bill 'Mr. Ink Spots' Kenny and His Ink Spots. [The Halifax Chroncile Herald, wednesday, 2Jun/54]
-The Lord's Prayer
-Ave Maria
12Jun/54? Springfield, IL Henry Braswell has a photo taken that is dated 12 Jun/54. It shows his only picture of him as a member of the Ink Spots. It was taken with Senator Everett Dirkson when they were appearing in Springfield.
?between 18Apr and 7Jul/54 State Fair, CN Henry Braswell remembers an appearance that was televised since a friend of his saw this performance about a year later. It would be wonderful if this old show still exists somewhere.
24-30 Jun/54 Gatineau Club, Hull, Quebec W/Harry Pozy's Orch. [Ottawa Citizen, 22 & 30Jun/54]

This was the final appearance of the original Ink Spots with Bill Kenny. During this appearance Bill Kenny told the other members that the Ink Spots were finished and everyone went home according to Henry Braswell. [Interview, Hanna, 19Jun/06]
We have not found Ink Spot performances after this date.

This one week appearance was the last one for the original Ink Spots featuring Bill Kenny.

W/The Woodside Sisters, comedian Arnie Sultun, The Aristocrats, The Buddy Trenier Quintette and the Kay Martin Trio. [Leader, Wildwood, 8July/54]
Early 1960s Appearances in Canada For completeness, there was at least one other Ink Spots group that featured Bill Kenny. Richard Lanham, when interviewed 4Feb/02, indicated that Bill Kenny joined Joe Boatner's Ink Spots group (Joe Boatner-Bass, Freddy Houston-high tenor, Richard Lanham-second tenor and Billy Byrd-baritone) on a number of occasions in Canada while he was a member. He indicated that Bill did not tour with the group but would appear in certain arranged cities. Bill Kenny did not do entire shows but, rather, would sing a few numbers with the group. Richard indicated that Bill did this before and after he joined the group in the summer of 1962. Although he did not remember the Canadian cities where Bill Kenny appeared, he thought Montreal was one place he appeared on more than one occasion. He also indicated that Bill Kenny's health increasingly limited his appearances with this group.

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